step basket

If you have an open staircase in your home, then this is the basket you have been looking for. It can be useful to haul up and down the stairway. Fits any average sized step. A hand carved oak handle makes this basket unique. Step height is about 6-3/4". Width top 9-1/2" Length top 20". Brown color is shown. $46.00


mail basket
Mail Basket
Need something to hold all the mail, this is the perfect basket. $22.00


Personalized with name
and date of wedding.


Personalized Wedding Baskets
During your wedding, the bathroom is more than just a place to use the facilities or apply lipstick. It also provides privacy and space to fix emergencies. Creating a Countryside Basketry wedding bathroom basket. Since men and women have distinct needs, you could customize the contents of the basket for
each gender. Wood bottom.
Personalized ladies basket 8" $30.00
Personalized mens basket 6" $25.00



Fisherman Wall
Show off your catch of the day with our Fisherman Wall Basket. Basket has a black wire handle. Handwoven bottom. Basket would look great on any shelf or mantel. Height 5" x 9" wide. $18.00


Fisherman Wire Basket
Wire Fisherman Wall
Check it out I caught a huge fish. Basket is a smaller version of the Fisherman Wall basket. Attached is a birch heart with the writing of Gone Fishing! Can be personalized with anything you wish. Just add it to the notes when ordering. Height 5" x 5" wide. $12.00


Dog Bone
Dog Treat Basket
Do you have a special dog in your life that loves treats? This is the perfect basket to have around fill it with treats and your little paw friend will be friends for life. $25.00


Kristy's Oval Basket
Basket reminds me of a purse. Handle and base is woven. Basket has accents of seagrass. $55.00


Prairie Wind
Prairie Wind
Base is wooden measuring 5 x 8. Open sections are banded with a triple arrow weave and black walnut inlays then laced with cane in a locked smock stitch.  $60.00

Market Basket
This market basket has endless use!
It's perfect anywhere for decorative storage, of course, you could also take it to the Farmer's Market. Basket has some handpainted berries on the side. State what you want painted on it.


Farmers Market Basket
Farmer's Market Basket
Off to the market we go. Market baskets are ideal for using as a reusable shopping basket for the Farmer's Market and even as a carry on when traveling. The large rounded handle gives it plenty of room with the solid reinforced bottom to carry many items from the Farmer's Market. Height 9.5" x 24" long. $45.00

Loras Basket

A custom pattern by Countryside Basketry, this is a perfect gift basket that can be used for a small stuffed animal, chocolates or candies or some collectible items. Woven base with dimensions of 4" x 4".Woven bottom.
Dimensions: 4" x 4" base. $12.00

1 1

Make a grand entrance when you arrive at your next party. The Hostess Basket makes a perfect little something for the hostess of the party. Fill with miniture soaps, teas, coffee or fill with some crackers and bring some cheese & sausage. Wooden base. Dimensions:
9" long x 2-1/2" wide. $12.00


This is a favorite of our customers! Only measuring 2" x 2", it is used for Christmas tree decorations, all-year round decorations, gift baskets with money or for playing with dolls. They are available in a variety of colors (including favorite sports teams!) and can be customized with a bow. $3.50


Heart Round

Basket has a divider in the center with a heart carved out. Other cut outs available. Can be used for crackers or chips or use it to collect your mail. Pictured is Wine and Dark Green.
8" round wooded base. $30.00


Stained Glass

Large tote basket with a handcarved handle. The intricate design of color on the front adds to the innovative dimensional look. The basket is perfectly sized for your magazines, crafting supplies or small toys. Measures 9" wide, 14" long and 1 1" high with handle. Pictured is sage green, but it is available in all colors we offer. $58.00


Alyssas babyAlyssas Basket

Alyssa's Baby Basket
Named after Barbara's granddaughter, this basket is a custom design by Barbara. It is the perfect fit for a little baby, and offers space for all the accessories a little girl needs to take care of her baby. Size of base is 10" x 17"; height with handle is 13". With cloth mattress, pillow with case and blanket (all sewed by Barbara), $50.00

Liberty Basket



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